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Top Shelf Lady

Women have now been put in positions where we are dominating our businesses, our communities and our homes.  Success doesn't trickle it springs from the passion of ones desire to be hungry for it!
This book will help you gain the momentum to make the glass ceiling your floor with no limits and no boundaries!
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Survival is Victory

So many people tend to think that victory is the state of winning or overcoming an obstacle.  In this book you will see that surviving life is Victory!

In this book Diona discusses her experience of living in silence while going through Domestic Violence and struggling to cope with the aftermath that nearly took her mind.  Diona shares how she was able to bounce back from a traumatic experience that was designed to kill her and come out on top!

You'll be shocked and amazed at how many people are experiencing Domestic Violence but portray to the outside world that everything in the relationship is just fine. In all that Domestic Violence survivors experience, black-eyes, broken bones and some coming close to near death they still manage to keep living and surviving!

$9.99 Plus $2.99 S/H

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